Course Description

Confidence is a quality that many people want because it has the potential to open the door to job promotions, new relationships, new career opportunities and so much more. Women generally tend to show less confidence than men, resulting in many missed opportunities and unused potential. This course will help you increase your confidence in simple steps and will lead to noticeable change in just a few days.

Contrary to what you may have thought until now, confidence can be learned just as you would learn a skill. It is not quality that you have to be born with. You can become the confident woman you have always wanted to be.

There are 5 main sections and you can work at you own pace. The course includes videos and a downloadable work book with activities to aid your learning.


Oge Austin-Chukwu

I help Leaders in both corporate and not-for-profit sectors create the businesses of their dreams and/or get the best out of their teams by showing them how to utilize the amazing brainpower at their disposal. My mission is to help good leaders become better, whilst enjoying their work at the same time. I work with individual clients and organisations. My coaching is built upon my values of integrity, honesty and compassion. I have practised as a doctor for more than two and a half decades and have led teams and provided training at all levels and in a variety of settings.


Shanti Boodhun

With 27 years' experience working in the field of mental health in the UK, I have a wealth of experience In treating common mental health conditions. I have worked with complex, moderate and mild conditions and I am registered with the British Association of Cognitive and Behaviour Therapists. I work as an Advanced practitioner and Supervisor and I am also a specialist couples therapist. I have a genuine interest in empowering people to get the right balance in life. I am willing to share my personal experiences in order that my clients may learn from it. I have developed a positive and exceptional reputation in my field and I run regular CBT clinics.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    The origins of confidence

    • Confidence - is it nature or nurture? The differences between men and women with regards to confidence. It's as simple as ABC.

  • 3


    • Becoming aware of your thinking

    • Identifying thinking errors

    • Thinking rationally

    • Summary of session 2

  • 4


    • How environment affects your confidence. The role of music and sound.

  • 5

    Failure and Risk taking

    • Using failure to your advantage. Some parts of the brain that affect confidence. Risk taking and confidence. What do hormones have to do with confidence?

  • 6

    Self talk

    • Is your inner dialogue building you up or pulling you down? Getting rid of the inner bully. Embracing your compassionate voice.

  • 7

    Social anxiety

    • Some tell tale signs that you are socially anxious. How social anxiety affects confidence. Observational learning.

  • 8

    Planning and Preparation

    • Practice makes perfect. Reduce anxiety through planning. Plan A is never enough. What do you do when it goes pear-shaped?

  • 9

    Strengths and Weaknesses/Overconfidence.

    • Time for an honest evaluation. You don't have to be good at everything. What you can do about your weaknesses. Avoiding overconfidence.

  • 10


    • A summary of what you have learned. Deciding on your next steps.


5 star rating

A great help!

Leanna Ellena

I didn't know quite how much I needed to do this course. It has shown me that I don't need to remain in the place where I often feel too inadequate and unqua...

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I didn't know quite how much I needed to do this course. It has shown me that I don't need to remain in the place where I often feel too inadequate and unqualified to reach any level of success, I now have strategies I can use to grow in confidence. As advised I took my time over this course and i'm so glad I did, waiting after each session to let it sink in helped me to reflect on the content so I could apply it my personal circumstances, if you need to develop your confidence I fully recommend this course to you!!!

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